Stan Hardman Mixed League Fixtures – 2023

A very friendly league with teams of three mixed triples playing on a Thursday afternoon, outdoors during the summer season. Each triple must have at least one lady and one gentleman playing on each rink and it is usual to stop for a cup of tea at the end of the match.

4Hook Diamonds2.00 pmH
11Farnborough Gate2.00 pmH
18Aldershot Underwood2.00 pmA
25Farnborough2.00 pmH
8Fleet United Cygnets2.00 pmA
15Yateley Oaks2.00 pmH
22Hook Diamonds2.00 pmA
29Farnborough Gate2.00 pmA
7Aldershot Underwood2.00 pmH
13Farnborough2.00 pmA
27Fleet United Cygnets2.00 pmH
3Yateley Oaks2.00 pmA
Dress : Greys

Mixed Captain :  Robin Pretty

01252 501287

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