2020 Club Competitions

Despite the restrictions, we managed to hold all our Club Competitions and had an enjoyable
Finals Weekend, albeit a week late because of the rain!!
Men’s SinglesMike GuessMike Smith
Ladies’ SinglesWendy O’BrienDonna Lynch
Open SinglesMike GuessAlan Jewell
Open Mixed PairsJan Vlok & Monica CowanRay Hewitt & Anne Neville
Drawn Mixed PairsAlan Jewell & Anne NevilleStephen Brinkworth &
Janet Guess
Men’s Drawn PairsPhil Hicks & Peter ManuelRay Hewitt & Stephen Brinkworth
Veteran’s SinglesPeter ManuelPhil Hicks
Novices SinglesRobin PrettyMargaret Hicks
Two Wood SinglesMike GuessPhil Hicks
Handicap SinglesMike GuessRobin Pretty
New Bowlers’ SinglesPhil O’BrienRobin Pretty
Ladies’ Drawn PairsLyn Sado & Janet Guess
Couples LeagueJanet & Mike GuessWendy & Phil O’Brien
Club TriplesRay Hewitt, Ann Harper, Stephen BrinkworthPeter Manuel, Monica Cowan, Roger Ernest
Club Two Wood PairsRay Hewitt & Phil HickTed Ranger & Phil Scott

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